Sextortion scam email 2020

You guys gonna ransomware and a hacked email scam information here for you.

The emails like “hi, i’m a hacker and programmer, i know one of your password is”.

  • How to get ride of sextortion scam email 2020?
  • How to secure emails from the hacker who cracked your email?
  • Anonymous hacker email asking for bitcoin, do I have BitCoin?

What now?

This was sent to our email account. they’re saying that the password that I used was hacked by them.

It’s probably collected from some site, They have hacked some site and got my details, sextortion email example.

Sextortion scam email 2020

You can see where they’re saying they’re trying to show that they know what they’re doing they’ve hacked my account.

They’re on my system they’re saying they’ve uploaded malicious code to my operating system.

They’re spying on me right now and watching all my internet activity.

They are demanding money and they want that money to be paid by Bitcoin.

You can see the messages alert on the email address there.

Most importantly, the email has been hacked and it’s just a fraud way email account and now you can’t trace them.

Moreover, They’re basically suggesting that they know what sites that I go to.

They’ve been recording me through my camera with the software that he uses and he’s watching me right now.

The threat!

They will send it to all the contacts within two days.

Until I pay the money to Bitcoin. They even say that if you don’t do this within 48 hours can even lock down my computer and stuff like that.

Called bitcoin spam emails, blackmail, fraud, racket, extortion, ransom.

They’re frightening you in a way to try and make you make a payment to them.

It’s $897 in Bitcoin they even explain how to pay the Bitcoin to them.

You may think oh my god I don’t want people knowing, what I watch on the internet? what do I do on the Internet? you may then go and pay their ransom that’s what they’re praying for so don’t do that.

You should never pay these scumbags a penny because what they’re after is to prey on your fear.

your fear will be the fact that they know what your fantasies are because they’re monitoring you.

I’m going to copy this bit of text and show you how easy it is to find out whether this is a scam on. I’m gonna go to Google and paste this in there.

I am the hacker who cracked your email

See whether there’s any sort of another site. In addition, detects this sort of code.

You can see here there are loads of sites that are publicized about this scam.

email hacker who cracked your email accounts. It gives you some breakdown of what actually happens here.

It’s just the frightening tactic to get you to pay them a load of money, Now they may even contact you again.

Show you your password, your email, and also other things so this like that, and they also will send you evidence of may be part of your phone number.

Anonymous hacker email asking for bitcoin

I got that as well so maybe I’ve put my phone number into a site something like that.

They detected that you can’t go to a site like this. and see whether your email account has been breached.

You just put your email in here and click on pwned. It shows whether your email was breached If you’ve got your email visible online.

Second time they sent an email which was to say that they’ve been recording me.

They are now going to send this to all my contacts and even try to explain that you’ve got 44 hours.

That’s what they want to do!

They wanted to receive money otherwise they send this information to all the contacts. see I was shocked. I’m in shock of your sexual fantasies it’s playing on your fear.

Even give me a few digits of my phone number to try.

Convince me that they are actually on my system now.

Malware Scanner!

If you want to check and make sure your system is clean you can run programs like below.

Malwarebytes, hitman pro, Bitdefender, ESET MC soft any of those programs installed, running on your system to make sure the system is free of malware.

Any sort of malicious code or that they could have embedded on your computer, which I very much doubt.

Just makes sure that your computer is clean and hasn’t got any sort of dodgy stuff on there.

Never feel that you never need to buy near silence, pay for them. For instance, obviously, this is what they’re preying on their preying on your fear.

You’re gonna have all your dirty secrets posted to all your contacts list.

What shall I take care of?

Now they can do whatever they like because I’m in doing any of that stuff so I don’t really care.

We call this a blackmail. In other words email basically to keep your secrets hidden by paying the ransom.

Another thing that’s threatening to do is lock your computer down.

Encrypt all your data it’s just a fear tactic they’re using to try and frighten you to pay.

Never pay these scumbags anything they ask. they are criminals and they are after your money. 

How to stop bitcoin spam emails?

Just make sure you change all your passwords use strong passwords and change them regularly. You may scan the computer and it should be okay.  anyway, Let’s wrap Sextortion scam email 2020 up.

OR report threatening email, I hope this one’s been helpful.

Have a great week ahead.

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